Anti Imperialistic attitude in Heinrich Harrer’s Seven years in Tibet

A classic travelogue with a difference.

  • Jayadeb Sahoo Government College(Autonomous), Bhawanipatna
Keywords: Anti Imperial, Heinrich Harrer, Travelogue, Savages


It is a common perception that European travellers travel to the east with a mission to civilize, christianise, colonise and plunder the so called ‘savages’. They come with these ulterior motives and subjugate the innocent people of this part of the world. The seven years in Tibet, a moving and heart touching travelogue by Heinrich Harrer , a German explorer, projects a different picture of an European traveller. The paper will focus light on the anti- imperialistic attitude and true love of an European for Tibetans, one of the peace loving and pious races of the eastern world. For seven years (1944-1950), Harrer learned the language and acquired a greater understanding of the Tibetans than any westerner had ever before achieved. He became the friend and tutor of the young Dalai Lama and finally accompanied him to India when he fled the Red of incredible courage and self reliance set against the backdrop of a mysterious and magnificent culture.

Author Biography

Jayadeb Sahoo, Government College(Autonomous), Bhawanipatna

Assistant Professor, P.G. Department of English