"Kalahandi Renaissance" is the Multi-disciplinary Research Journal of Government College(Autonomous), Bhawanipatna which is published annually.  It insists on forming a platform, for structuring knowledge, which is total, whole and all, yet, diversified into multi - disciplines. This is the Unified State of   knowledge already glimpsed by the Vedic seers of India thousands of years back and has been upheld by great philosophers and Scientists of our Age from Plato to Plotinus and Augustine and from Leibniz to Hegel. Scientists like Kepler, Descartes, Einstein and many others also seem to have inculcated it within their insight while exploring the Law of Nature. When penetrating to the very heart of the kingdom of knowledge, Descartes has comprehended "every science not in sequence but all at once". Many other writers of different traditions have also vouchsafed this Unity of Knowledge in their writings.